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Discover only the best of Budapest

Budapest is one of the most charming capitals in Europe. A city that combines timeless with modern in a unique way. Maintaining the authenticity of its tradition and history, it comes to today with unique proposals that have nothing to envy from other famous cities. Today we will take you to the best of Budapest. In the best restaurants, bars and cafés you should not miss for any reason. If your next destination is Budapest, then note all of the following addresses that the experienced people of Yanna Tours offer you through their long experience in the capital of Hungary!

The best restaurants

We start of course with the best gastronomic addresses in Budapest. At the top Michelin-starred Pierrot Cafe & Restaurant, you will experience one of the most complete experiences in a very nice atmosphere that serves unique dishes. It is housed in a 13th-century bakery and over the last 35 years it has been marrying Hungarian tastes with modern gastronomy. For more click here: www.pierrot.hu

Our second proposal is located at Boscolo Hotel and it is the excellent New York Cafe & Cigar Bar. Incredible atmosphere with classy aura and tantalizing dishes. You can also come for coffee, while to get a first taste, visit: www.newyorkcafe.hu

The best cafés

Speaking of coffee, at “Blue Bird Cafe” (www.facebook.com/bluebirdcafehungary ) located in Gozsdu Udvar, a cluster of open-air courtyards full of bistros and cafes, you will enjoy besides select coffees, its unique architecture with the blue tiles of its design. Our second choice is the “hip” Fekete coffee shop (www.feketekv.hu ) which is housed in an elegant neoclassical building.

The best lunch

Before or after your coffee and for an extremely delicious lunch experience, visit the “Gundel Restaurant” with its classic décor and an authentic ambiance that will transport you to an older, imposing era. All information is here: www.gundel.hu/en

The best Italian food

If you build up an appetite for something Italian, in Budapest you will find the exquisite “Tom-George” one of the best Italian restaurants in the city with modern décor and friendly staff. www.tomgeorge.hu

For lovers of traditional tastes

Because your visit to Budapest would not be complete without a stop in a traditional, Hungarian restaurant, we recommend Kehli Restaurant, an establishment operating since 1899, with authentic flavors and beverages to bring you closer to Hungary’s culinary traditions. See more here: www.kehli.hu

The best bars

Devote your evenings to exploring the unique nightlife suggestions in Budapest that are expressed in the most wonderful way. We start with a trip back in time and the Cotton Club (www.facebook.com/cotton.club.budapest ). Here you will travel back to the 1930s, the era of speakeasies and gangs. In a basement with all the decorative features of the time, with wooden floors and cherry wood ceilings you will find chess tables and card games while jazz music completes the unique allure of this extraordinary bar.

And from time travel back to today with two modern suggestions you should not miss. The first is none other than the acclaimed Buddha Bar, located in Klotid Palace. Luxurious and exotic, it’s worth trying its titillating tastes. For more here: www.restaurant.buddhabarhotel.hu  If you want to find yourself in the best of Budapest then head to the Black Swan Bar, Budapest’s most trendy bar with unique cocktails, drinks and surprising decoration www.facebook.com/blackswanbudapest

Extra: The best Spa experience!

But Budapest is not just restaurants and bars though. It is also known worldwide for its spa and wellness suggestions. In the Szecgenyi spa baths (www.szechenyifurdo.hu ) you will enjoy a terrific spa experience, while in the Racz Spa (www.budapestbylocals.com/racz-bath) in a place where the decoration depicts all the centuries of wellness and relaxation and Budapest’s long tradition of this unique wellness experience, you will live perhaps the best experience of hammam, massage, relaxation and wellness.

If you are ready to visit Budapest, take a look at the Yanna Tours packages here: yannatours.gr/tour-item/voudapesti-praga-vienni  and here: yannatours.gr/tour-item/budapest-xoria-dounavi. Keep all of our suggestions for the best of Budapest and get ready for a unique experience on the banks of the Danube!