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Discover the many faces of Warsaw!

Warsaw, the capital of Poland is one of the most remarkable examples of European capitals, one that marries its medieval heritage to modern day era. Leaving behind the dark times of German and Soviet occupation when this once charming city was annihilated, Warsaw has been reborn from its ashes and calls upon you to visit it. The time has come for you to discover the many faces of Warsaw through a trip to the Polish capital that will be organized to the slightest detail by Yanna Tours just for you. Shall we begin our first walk around the city with the modern skyscrapers and the quaint neighborhoods now?




Start your exploration of this powerful city by walking through the Royal Street with ultimate destination the Old Town. This road has wide sidewalks making a walk there extremely enjoyable and relaxing, since you can visit many intriguing sites such as the church of Saint Anna, the Presidential Palace, Kazimierz Palace, the local University, but also Warsaw Castle. Reaching the end of the Royal Street you will come before the imposing Old Town square, and once in the Old Town, it is hard to imagine that this city did not exist 70 years ago.



After the extermination of the residents by the Germans and the bombardment of the city, the remaining Polish rebuilt and renovated the remaining buildings in such ways that nothing attests to those bad times. The renovations were made based on original plans of the 18th century so the visitor wanders in a dreamy Old Town that UNESCO has included in the World Heritage Monuments list. Make a stop at one of the traditional cafés and restaurants of the Square where during the summer you might even find sunbeds. Wandering musicians and street performers set the pace for an energetic and vibrant route towards the statue of “the Mermaid of Warsaw” and Warsaw Cathedral, before you head to the Barbican that separates the old from the new city, where are you we find a quaint square with restaurants, and further ahead, a pristine white church with a towering turquoise dome dominating the landscape, St Kazimierz.



Walking through the modern center of the city, you will find yourselves in front of the most controversial building of Warsaw, the “Palace of Science and Culture “. It is the eighth tallest building in Europe, a skyscraper donated by Stalin in 1950. Soviet architecture together with art deco elements have produced a building which, even though it is quite interesting, it has brought forth intense controversy for its aesthetic, to the point where the locals have come to call it the “birthday cake”. Still this building remains a place that hosts festivals, cinema events and various exhibitions, whereas the last floor is ideal to enjoy a breathtaking view to the sunset.



Warsaw, beyond all of the historic significant sites, also offers exceptional choices for food, drink, entertainment and more. The imaginative Polish have turned warehouses, halls, even abandoned hospitals into entertainment venues that close late at night and serve cocktails and drinks with vodka in the front line. You can listen to jazz all around the city which creates a magical atmosphere over a place that managed so many things in so little time, moving on from the debris to creation. No matter what season you wish to visit it, one thing is for sure, you will explore and discover the many faces of Warsaw and you will be enthralled with its positive energy. Even if you’re hesitant, just trust Yanna Tours, who will undoubtedly help you organize an unforgettable trip to one of the most exotic European capitals. Contact us and find all the details here: yannatours.gr