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Πρώτη γνωριμία με την υπέροχη Κρακοβία!

First acquaintance with lovely Krakow!

The time has come for us to talk about one of the up and coming touristic destinations of Europe. The time has come for a first acquaintance with the lovely Krakow, the oldest and largest city in Poland. The historic, mystifying Krakow is a city exceptionally friendly to all visitors, especially from April till September when it is not particularly cold, when you can visit the numerous museums and sites as well as enjoy the unique atmosphere. After all, this is a city bursting with life night and day, whereas its quaint city center is one of the hippest districts at the moment.


Πρώτη γνωριμία με την υπέροχη Κρακοβία!

Let’s start at the beginning, the founding of the city; as legend has it, Krakow was established when Prince Krakus slayed the dragon that terrorized the locals and built the walls on the banks of the Vistula River. And while Poland became known due to its devastation by the Nazi Germans during World War II, Krakow was the only city to escape annihilation after the timely intervening of the Russian army who drove the occupation troops away.


Πρώτη γνωριμία με την υπέροχη Κρακοβία!


Let us leave the past behind and welcome the Krakow of today and the important sites that will definitely enchant you. In Krakow lies the largest square of a medieval down in Europe, Rynek Glowny. In the city center you will find the medieval Cloth Hall, which hosts an exhibition of handicrafts where you can purchase some beautiful souvenirs. On the other side, the tower of City Hall is located, built in the fifth century and offering an amazing view to the city for those who climb up to its top. Sightseeing in the square of the old town does not stop here as it is imperative to visit the Church of Mother Mary, with the ornate altar sculpted by renowned artist Veit Stoss. Into square if you can find lots of small cafés where you can rest and relax enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, as well as local delicacies.  The people of Yanna Tours will tell you all about the best stops to make to savor in local specialties.


Πρώτη γνωριμία με την υπέροχη Κρακοβία!

The old town of Krakow is the perfect spot for strolls as you have the opportunity to admire Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture and to fantasy- travel to a distant era. Afterwards, you can return to present day since Krakow’s population is consisted at about 30% by college students, the main reason for the city’s cultural exuberance. Bars, clubs, music festivals and of course, breweries are just some of the multitude of choices for entertainment, where you can feel this wonderful city’s exciting vibe. Even if you choose to travel during the winter, there is no need to worry with the Polish beers as your trusted allies; in their majority, their alcohol content is higher than most regular brands.


The much talked about, yet still rather “unknown” Krakow, the “jewel of Poland” is an alternative holiday destination for those seeking a different experience of Europe. It is also the perfect starting point for your explorations around Poland in general, as it is at close distance from all major attractions of the country. If you enjoyed this first acquaintance with lovely Krakow, all you have to do is contact Yanna Tours and our experienced personnel and design with them a dreamy travel to a city that still maintains its genuine character. All the details are here: yannatours.gr