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Πράγα: 5 Αυθεντικές Εμπειρίες!

Prague: 5 authentic experiences

A trip to Prague is always a special experience. From walks in the museums and the streets of the fabled capital to visits to the nearby castle of Cheshky Krumlov and the famous spa resort of Karlovy Vary, here you will live experiences that seem like they have popped out of a past, romantic and beautiful era. But there are also some experiences you have to pursue to feel the magic of Prague just like the locals do. We recommend 5 stops that you should not miss: 5 authentic experiences that you will only live in Prague.



Watch a concert. In the historic Klementinum building with unparalleled aesthetics, unique nights with classical music concerts blend harmoniously with the architecture, creating an evocative atmosphere. A night with the melodies of Vivaldi, Mozart and other classical composers is an experience you should not miss when in Prague and here you find all the details of the program: www.pragueclassicalconcerts.com


A night with jazz melodies. Prague is known for its jazz bars, where locals and famous celebrities visiting the city enjoy the heady jazz melodies with their favorite drink in charming décor. The jazz bar Reduta stands out, where jazz artists unfold their talent each evening and enchant with their songs and music. For more details visit: www.redutajazzclub.cz


Gastronomic Discoveries. The gastronomic scene of Prague is constantly being renewed. Here we suggest 5 top choices to discover even more about the gastronomic traditions and the trendy tastes of this charming capital. At the Obecní dům, do not miss the Francouzska Restaurant (www.francouzskarestaurace.cz ) and the Plzens Restaurant (www.plzenskarestaurace.cz ). For authentic Czech flavors, visit U Modré Kachničky (www.umodrekachnicky.cz/cz ), while at La Republica (www.larepublica.cz )where various themed evenings are organized, you will also find a wide selection of beers. Finally, for those who prefer modern aesthetic and creative tastes, the right choice is Crystal Bar & Restaurant (www.crystal-restaurant.cz).


The Black Theater of Prague. You have certainly heard about the unique magic and the special atmosphere created in the performances of the Prague Black Theater. It’s a mixture of kinesiology, dance, music and pantomime that has found its absolute expression in Prague. Do not miss for any reason such an enchanting performance in the Czech capital, which is considered the center of this art. We recommend the Wow Black Theater; for more details visit www.wow-show.com/en


A nearby getaway at The Průhonice Park. Just a 15-minute drive from the center of Prague is the Průhonice Park, an incredibly handsome nearby destination for walks in a historic part of the Czech Republic. Admire nature, buildings, walk alongside rivers and indulge in the magic of an area that looks like it popped out of a fairy tale. Check out this magical spot here: www.pruhonickypark.cz/en/the-pruhonice-park . Do not forget to have a meal at the Hliněná Bašta restaurant (www.hlinenabasta.cz/en ).


These are 5 authentic experiences in Prague to enjoy on your free days during your trip here. With the full package of Yanna Tours, you will not miss any of Prague’s enchanting images through the five-day excursion, details of which you can see here: https://yannatours.gr//tour-item/prague-karlovivari-tseski-kroumlov

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