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First time in Budapest: all you need to know!

Budapest the capital of Hungary it’s one of the most celebrated destinations worldwide. Many visitors choose to return to this enchanting capital, but many visit Budapest for the very first time and today we will share with you all you need to know!  

Having been through many conquerors throughout the centuries, Budapest is today one of the most historic cities of Europe and according to Forbes magazine, one of the most ideal cities to live in. So without any hesitation prepare your luggage for a destination that all it can do is enthrall you. And if it is your first time, Yanna Tours will take care of all the details of your trip guaranteeing that you will return with the best memories. For starters, let’s look at some of the things that you simply must do on your first visit to Budapest.


Visit the Hungarian parliament, the second largest building of its type in Europe, inspired by the British Westminster palace. Don’t forget to have on you identification or your passport, as entrance to European citizens is for free.

Once in Peste, take a ride on the number 2 tram. It might sound bizarre, but this tram ride will take you from one end of Peste to the other, following the coastal route along the Danube offering breathtaking views.



And since you are in Peste, walk to the Chain Bridge, the bridge that will take you to Buda and as you’re crossing it, carve a locket and lock your love forever on the railings of this glorious Danube bridge.

Climb up the hill to enjoy the spectacular view to Peste across the river. The way up is quite long but totally refreshing. For those not up to the trek, there is a train ride taking you up to the castle. There you will find many noteworthy sites such as the Historical Museum and the National Gallery.

Visit the Great Dohany Synagogue, the largest synagogue in Europe, the Hungarian Jewish Museum located in the same building and the Holocaust Memorial Centre.

Watch a show at the National Opera Theatre which operates since 1884 and is famous for its acoustics.




Visit one of the city’s spas. Budapest earned the title of “the city of spas” in 1934 thanks to 120 or more springs of therapeutic waters that have been discovered so far, and it would be an oversight not to include such a rejuvenating and relaxing experience in your itinerary. Go to the central market Hall to discover Hungarian – but not only – gastronomy, in a shopping mall that is over 100 years old. There you can also buy various souvenirs and craft works.

Take a cruise on the Danube and stop at Margaret Island located in the center of the river. It features amazing gardens and sites such as the church of Saint Michael and the water tower, as well as restaurants where you can relax and enjoy an authentic Hungarian meal. If you are cinema aficionados, in Budapest you will have the opportunity to see up close the authentic “Grand Budapest Hotel” the setting for the namesake movie by Wes Anderson.

The Corinthia Budapest Hotel is in the heart of the city and it is one of the most historic buildings of Budapest which opened its doors to the public in 1896. If you are about to visit Budapest for the first time here you will find all you need to know. In Budapest you will live an experience so different than any other as you will wander in an enchanting city that still bears the marks left by the Magyars, the Ottomans, the Habsburgs, World War II and the communist regime. Budapest managed to escape unscathed from all this turmoil and to turn the conflict between the old and the new into a life’s experience.

The people of Yanna Tours are the perfect people to guide you to all the secrets of this city in your first visit. For that all you have to do is click on yannatours.gr and the rest is on us! So if you’re ready to visit Budapest then take a look at the Yanna Tours packages here: