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Strolls in the squares of Rome

Strolls in the squares of Rome! It’s not just the sightseeing, the harmonious combination of ancient and modern or the tantalizing food, it’s mostly Rome’s allure what attracts visitors to this eternal city, making them return time and time again. And it’s the squares, mainly the squares that bring out Rome’s true character that, despite its vastness is at the same time so amiable and warm. Besides, in every part of the world, the square is where people gather to share feelings, emotions and experiences. Rome has some of the most spectacular squares in the world! Rome is the place where we will always return!


Let’s begin with a significant and beautiful square; it’s none other than Piazza Navona. The square was built in place of the Stadium of Emperor Domitian, an immense construction larger than the Colosseum meant for the classic sports races. In the square’s underground you can see the remains of this stadium, whereas around the piazza there are plenty of cafes and restaurants.

Two steps away from Piazza Navona, the Campo de’ Fiori  or the Field of Flowers Square is where the farmer’s market has been hosted for centuries, where you can find fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables Monday through Saturday. At night, the square fills up with young people having fun and flirting under the watchful gaze of the statue of Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno.

A square no visitor of Rome could leave without visiting is the Piazza di Trevi, mainly because of the gigantic fountain in its center, where it is customary for every visitor to throw a coin in, a promise that he will return to this fabulous city.

Piazza Del Popolo, the People’s Square took its name from the namesake church, and it is a typical example of French architecture that has influenced Rome significantly. This is where the horse races started and today it’s a bustling square with numerous options for food and drink.

If you are looking for a welcoming, tranquil spot where you can relax while enjoying a coffee or a meal, you can head to Santa Maria square. This medieval square is at the heart of what was once the slums of Rome but today it is a quaint, bohemian district. This is precisely the reason why Woody Allen chose this spot as a setting for his film “To Rome with love”.

For the end, we left a square that probably needs no introduction. Piazza di Spagna, a triangular square with the Spanish steps gathers thousands of people daily who sit on the steps to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

These are just some of the squares that comprise this one of a kind city that seems to never end. Every time you visit Rome is like you are discovering a brand new city from a different point of view in a different square. The people of Yanna Tours will help plan your trip to Rome even if it’s not your first visit, as well as share with you their “secrets” for culinary delights and strolls in the squares of Rome.