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The best walk around Istanbul

Just before you get lost in the magic of Istanbul, in the streets with the entrancing aromas of the spices, the view to the Bosporus and the beauty of a city with a history that gets lost in centuries past, we suggest the most beautiful walk in the capital of Byzantine emperors and sultans. You may have visited Istanbul many times, but today we will give you all the information you need to get to know to discover the secrets and the best corners of this amazing city. Our walk begins after you have visited Agia Sofia and you are looking to relax, to shop, to taste delicious flavors and simply, to discover the best of Istanbul. Get ready for the most beautiful walk around Istanbul!


We start off with one of the most authentic experiences you can enjoy in Istanbul, which is none other than a traditional Turkish hammam bath. The cleanest and by far the most beautiful is the hammam bath made by sultana Hurrem, wife of Suleiman the Magnificent, for the visitors and pilgrims of Agia Sofia. Indulge in the beneficial effects of steam and water and experience the ritual of an authentic hammam in Istanbul. See all the information here: www.ayasofyahamami.com

After relaxation comes the time for a shopping spree. Behind the Blue Mosque in the Sultan Ahmet district is the Arasta Bazaar where you will find traditional products coming from local cooperatives as well as carpets, ceramics, nuts, tea items and spices. Look for Jennifer’s Hamam (www.jenniferhamam.com ) for the best towels. This market is the locals’ first choice for their shopping and that is just the right place for you to get a taste of everyday life in the Istanbul.

Time for our first break. We take the Ortakoy seaside road, where you will feel the vibe of Istanbul as depicted in the acclaimed film “Politiki Kouzina” and you will your memory bank with wonderful pictures and sensations. If you are hungry, try the potatoes sold by street vendors or sit for a coffee in the fashionable café-restaurant The House Café (www.thehousecafe.com ) with the amazing views to Bosporus Bridge and the sea.

The ​​Nisantasi district is the most expensive in Istanbul and here you will find boutiques and shops that host all international brands. Take a look around the windows, shop and sit for lunch at Juno (www.zomato.com/istanbul/juno ) or at the Backhaus restaurant (www.backhaus.com.tr ) but leave some room for dessert, an authentic and fragrant künefe kaymakli to be exact, which you will try at “Saray Muhallebicisi” (www.saraymuhallebisci.com )

Time for an afternoon walk. Climb up to the Tower of Galatas to be compensated for the trek uphill by the breathtaking view and from there to the Galatas Bridge to watch hundreds of fishermen in line trying to make a living fishing in the waters of the Bosporus. This is one of the most powerful images you can see in Istanbul.

As a conclusion to the most beautiful walk in Istanbul, we have two delightful culinary suggestions. If you want to try an authentic kebab with a view, then head to the traditional Hamdi Restaurant (www.hamdi.com.tr ), whereas if you prefer something more cosmopolitan and modern with panoramic views then the right choice is the Sunset on the tallest hill of Istanbul (www.sunsetgrillbar.com ). Suggestion: if you want to visit both places then enjoy your juicy kebab first and then go up for a drink at the Sunset. Whatever you decide, surely this is the most beautiful walk in Istanbul and we propose it to you through the long experience of the people of Yanna Tours!

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