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Easter in Istanbul with Yanna Tours!

Easter, this grand celebration of the Greek Orthodox Church is coming up and Yanna Tours has prepared a very special proposal for those who wish to live a memorable Easter experience. Easter in Istanbul is a journey made of dreams in places filled with fragrances of cinnamon and clove, which, combined with the rich earthiness of myrrh add a powerful note to the reverent atmosphere of the city at this time. Follow us to this exclusive trip and discover a different facet of the City through an organized excursion for a dreamy Easter in Istanbul with Yanna Tours!



In Istanbul the constant alternation between the Christian and the Islamic element is prevalent, making it even more charming and enchanting. Visiting the Church of Panagia Baloukliotissa with the famous mosaics will travel us back in time, back to 6262 B.C. when the Acathist Hymn was chanted for the first time ever. An equal aftertaste of nostalgia is left behind after a visit to the Agia Sofia, the imposing church built by the Emperor Justinian, today acknowledged as one of the most invaluable architectural treasures worldwide. The Agia Sofia church was used as a mosque until 1935, whereas nowadays it serves as a museum visited by millions of people each year. Near Agia Sofia you can also find Istanbul’s largest mosque, the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet or Blue Mosque as it is also known due to all the blue decorations indoors. Our journey into the past continues with our visit to the square in front of the Blue Mosque, where the Hippodrome – the horse racing stadium – was located in the times of the Byzantine Empire. That was where the notorious Nika Revolt started, causing the death of thousands of people and the devastating destruction of almost the entire city.


A classic tradition of Istanbul during Easter time is to attend all 7 of the city’s Epitaphs on the morning of Holy Friday, so the devout visit 7 churches to kneel before their Epitaphs. Among these churches, the temple of the Pammegiston Taxiarhon in the heart of the old Jewish District. According to tradition, when pilgrims come through the “zoulopetra”, a narrow opening on one of the walls of the church leading to a tiny room three times they are blessed with good luck. Of course, the reverent atmosphere of these days reaches its climax at the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the spiritual radiance of which, during the Epitaph procession on the night of Holy Friday, is such that it transcends the material world of its habitat.  For Holy Saturday night, the perfect choice for Easter Vigil is the church of Agia Triada, built in Taxim Square in 1867 to replace the wooden-built St George’s church. After the annihilation and depredation of the church during the next few years, it was renovated one more time and began its operation in 2002. Since then, the church is in daily use and the most ideal choice for those who wish to attend Easter Vigil and experience the majestic grandeur of Greek Easter.


A perfect excursion to Istanbul with Yanna Tours could not be without the culinary experience that only this magnificent city can offer its visitors. Traditional mageiritsa, roast lamb, cookies and tsourekia among many other delicacies that signify Easter await to carry you away and remind you of the Greek Easter, which continues to be celebrated with the same reverence and devotion even in places where permanent Greek presence is scarce. All you have to do is contact Yanna Tours and prepare for a unique Easter holiday experience