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A trip to springtime Zurich

Even though Zurich, the capital of Switzerland, is mostly known as the trade and finance center of the country, you will find it is actually “a city of a thousand faces” from the first moment of your arrival. Due to its wintry appeal, the abundance of winter sports and the snow covered landscape, we tend to associate Zurich as a winter-only destination, but the people of Yanna Tours will tell you something completely different. Zurich is not just a winter’s destination, but a city perfect for any time of the year; for that, a trip to springtime Zurich will simply excite you!  



Zurich doesn’t stand out solely for its banks and the prestigious businesses that are based there, but also for its gastronomic and cultural proposals. The city where the Dada art movement was born hosts today some of the most significant festivals in the world, whereas every spring, Zurich throws the largest outdoor techno party in Europe. The University and the ETH Polytechnicum of Zurich both boast rich history and international recognition have hosted at timed the works of many scientists who have later received the Nobel Prize. And let’s not forget that every year Zurich hosts one of the six IAAF Golden League.



Upon reaching Zurich in the spring time, you will instantly take in the rich aromas of coffee and chocolate for which the Swiss capital is famous for, as well as the rejuvenating scents of nature being reborn. Limmat River crosses through Zurich, creating an ultra-romantic setting at both its banks, and particularly at its outfall from Lake Zurich. If the weather is warm and you are feeling particularly daring, you can put on your swimsuits and swim in the lake’s crystal clear waters. Otherwise, you can book a boat cruise in the lake for moments of peace and relaxation. If you are not into the water element, then you can visit Uetliberg Park to admire breath-taking views to the city, or to visit one of dozens blossoming parks such as the Belvoir or the Backer.




Zurich is a city first founded by the Romans, with immense history and intriguing architecture. You can visit the Fraumünster Church to admire the famous stained glass windows by Chagall, Saint Peter’s Church with the largest church clock in Europe and the Grossmünster Church, famous for its two bell towers visible from every part of the city. Moreover you can enjoy a stroll in the main trade street, the Bahnhofstrasse or visit the old town shops at Niederdorf. Many of Zurich’s clubs have been transformed into restaurants, cafes and breweries where you can also get a tour and view the tools and crafts used centuries ago.

Leaving springtime Zurich, we take with us the scent of blooming gardens and the refreshing whiffs of the Limmat, the sweetness of chocolate and macaroons contrasted by the zesty taste of a fondue, but also the precision of the Swiss watches that made this city famous globally. All of the city’s hidden secrets unveil before our eyes at a trip to springtime Zurich, with the help of the experienced people of Yanna Tours who will become your guides to this special European trip.