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Green Monday at Prague

Let’s take a look at the itinerary Yanna Tours has prepared for an unforgettable Green Monday in Prague! As the three-day holiday of Green Monday is coming up fast, we have prepared an exquisite excursion to the Czech Republic and its capital, Prague, for all of you who wish to spend an extraordinary long weekend. So leave the customary kites behind and prepare to get to know the “golden city” the Czech Republic, a modern day gem right out of the past.



Our explorations begin with a walk through the Old Town Square where the Old Town Hall with the astronomical clock, the Orloj and the Cathedral of St Nickolas are located. Next, we cross Charles Bridge, the most famous bridge of Prague that connects the Old Town with the Castle of Prague towering over Vltava River. Crossing the bridge, we will have the opportunity to admire the intricate statues, and also to purchase ornate handmade souvenirs from outdoor vendors. Inside Prague Castle, we will visit the Roman Catholic church of St Vitus, the Loretto and Santa Casa, a representation of the house Mother Mary resided when visited upon by the Archangel Gabriel. A cruise in the Vltava is a truly unique experience and the perfect capping stone to our first, reconnaissance walk around the city, and of course, the groundwork for the essential visit to Karlovy Vary.



Karlovy Vary, or Carlsbad as it is also known, is located approximately 140 km from Prague, on the western side of Czech, on the confluence of rivers Tepla and Ohre. The most famous Spa town of the Czech Republic was built in the 14th century by Charles IV, who accidentally discovered the thermal springs whilst hunting in the area. Due to various natural disasters few of the building of the time have survived, while most of the current buildings were constructed in the 18th or the 19th centuries, when the town went through its golden era. The twelve thermal springs, the waters of which have therapeutic properties spout naturally and for decades have been a pole of attraction for natural remedies devotees.  Nevertheless, Karlovy Vary is widely known for other events as well, such as horse races, golf tournaments and triathlon games organized annually and of course, the Karlovy Vary International Film taking place every July. The center of the town is a cars-free zone, so you can enjoy carefree strolls and explore a town that has something to amaze you by in every corner. Walk along the river and admire the Gothic and Baroque buildings, buy a porcelain canister to drink from the springs – beware as in some the water temperature reaches 72°C – and stop in one of the numerous traditional taverns for an authentic Czech meal. And if after your Lucullan feast you find yourself in need of a digestif, the people of Karlovy Vary have the answer! The Becherova is a local spirited, semi-sweet drink made with the town’s therapeutic water, several herbs and sugar, and it is distributed in a distinctive green vial; it is considered by locals as the finest digestif.



The return to the “golden city” and consecutively to Greece will leave you with the sweetest, fondest memories, not only of Prague itself, but also of Karlovy Vary. Don’t hesitate for a second to indulge in a three-day weekend in Czech and to arrange, together with the long experience of the people of Yanna Tours a travel to a fairytale-like medieval city of Europe. Check out all the details of the trip at https://yannatours.gr/tour-item/prague-karlovivari-tseski-kroumlov and for more: yannatours.gr