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10+1 Restaurants and Bars of Vienna

Where will you taste authentic Viennese specialties? Where will you enjoy the famous sweets of Vienna? Where will you drink the city’s most “hip” cocktails? Where will you experience the ritual of a Viennese breakfast? The people of Yanna Tours have been traveling to Vienna for more than 30 years and are following all the gastronomic developments in the romantic capital; today they give you all the details on the 10 + 1 restaurants and bars in Vienna that you simply have to discover.

  1. We start with Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbacker, close to the Vienna Opera House. In this three-story building with impeccable aesthetics you will find on the ground floor displays filled with scrumptious sweets, on the first floor a bar overlooking the famous Vienna Opera House serving superb cocktails and on the second floor a sophisticated restaurant with fine dishes. Locals love it throughout the day. More details here: www.gerstner-kondiotorei.at
  2. At the Blue Mustard restaurant you will dine in a delicate space with cosmopolitan atmosphere that reflects the city’s aristocratic elegance. Creative dishes and impeccable cocktails in a restaurant where you will feel the lasting desire for renewal that governs beautiful Vienna: www.bluemustard.at
  3. If you want to experience Vienna’s classic ambience with art-deco architecture and sophisticated details, head to the Bristol Bar to taste the flavors of its refined cuisine. Get a first taste of the authentic Viennese experience here: www.bristolvienna.com
  4. Lovers of the authentic Viennese atmosphere will be pleasantly surprised by a visit to the Hotel Bristol Vienna’s Bristol Lounge with its exquisitely classy décor and the lavishly good food. Keep an eye out for the piano nights, and for more details visit www.bristolvienna.com
  5. If you are wondering where to enjoy an unforgettable and delightful breakfast experience, then book a table at the Clementine of the Palais Coburg Palace; it offers amazing views to the gardens and it is just as good for lunch after your walk in the palace: www.palais-coburg.com
  6. We stick to the breakfast theme, which of course in Vienna is a ritual totally worth living. At Hansen Restaurant you will savor a range of excellent puff pastries, fragrant coffees and everything that makes breakfast here an experience you will remember. To see what you are in for visit www.hansen.co.at
  7. Its name reflects in the best way the imperial aesthetics of the city. In 1873 HalleNsalon you will feel as if you’re having a drink in a library mingling with the best crowds in the city. See more details at www.imperialvienna.com and make sure not to miss it, especially if you enjoy classic cocktails and the like atmosphere.
  8. Young people in the city seem to be moving in more minimal tones, so you will meet them at the Labstelle Restaurant to dine in style and enjoy the creative cuisine dishes. Book a table at www.labstelle.at.
  9. We have not yet spoken about your lunch in Vienna, which you will enjoy in the building of exceptional aesthetic that hosts the Salonplafond at Mak in Ringstrasse. You can of course visit it at any time of day. Check it out here: www.salonplafond.wien
  10. It’s time to talk about the city’s best value-for-money burger; you will enjoy it at Das Campus with its industrial aesthetics and wide spaces. Wood and earth tones dominate the venue, and here you will also come for a hearty brunch: www.dascampus.at
  11. We will finish our gastronomic wandering around Vienna with one of the city’s finest bistros. At The Kolin restaurant you will taste succulent meat dishes and unique cocktails in a modern and sophisticated setting. See more here: www.daskolin.at

Our walk to the 10 + 1 best restaurants and bars of Vienna surely built you an appetite.

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